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The Eye Specialists. Cairns, Australia
The qualified technical staff at The Eye Specialists assist the doctors in investigations and offer you counselling in management and treatment of your eye problem.
The Eye Specialists use the latest ophthalmology technology and state of the art micro-surgery equipment to examine, diagnose, manage and treat acute, chronic and hereditary eye conditions.
Minor surgical operations are performed at Flecker House in the 'minor procedure room'.

Also, at Cairns Private Hospital, The Eye Specialists provide the most technologically advanced services, specialising in small incision cataract extraction, lens implant surgery and other state of the art micro-surgery.

Our experienced, professional and friendly staff are here to help with a complete service.

They will arrange for any required surgical procedures, accommodation, transport and post-operative care needs.

They also provide quotations for all related costs.

The Eye Specialists is centrally located at Flecker House, a specialist medical centre in Upward Street, Cairns.

It is easily accessible by public transport for local as well as out-of-town patients.

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The Eye Specialists are located in Upward St.